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Was finalizing an estate tax return and starting up on the... gift tax returns and just had to tell you again - THANK YOU FOR THIS PROGRAM!!!! Can't believe what a JOY it is to use compared to all those we've been toiling with for years. Actually there IS no comparison. Easy, intuitive, doesn't fight back... haven't had to pound on the keys once in frustration since installation. Thanks for coming to the rescue - keep up the great work.
Kamuela, HI


GEM709 prepares the Federal Gift Tax Return. The Internal Revenue Service issues Form 709 on an annual basis, usually in December.

GEM709 incorporates an innovative method to enter split gifts and gifts of community property. When you initialize a marital file, you enter all gifts made by each spouse in the same file. You can toggle between their returns by clicking on their respective tab at the top of the screen. Their individual schedule tree summarizes all of the gifts they have made, including split gifts and gifts of community property. A change to one spouse's gifts is instantly reflected on the other spouse's return.

GEM709 includes the following additional features:
  • GEM709 permits you to print the return and all attachments in PDF format, making it easy to e-mail drafts and the final return to the donors and other interested parties.
  • You can automatically allocate to direct and indirect skips sufficient GST exemption to create a zero inclusion ratio.
  • If you are making a formula allocation of the donor's GST exemption, GEM709 adds appropriate language to the return.
  • You can easily perform net gift calculations where the donee agrees to pay the resulting gift tax liability.
  • GEM709 provides a special format for printing Crummey transfers.
  • GEM709 includes a comprehensive manual in a PDF format that you can search, view, or print.
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